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Using Lincoln's internet kiosk

This internet kiosk gives you free access to the internet and web sites. All users must comply with applicable sections of the Lincoln University Internet Access Policy. By using this kiosk, users are deemed to have read and understood their obligations under that policy.

The key points of the Policy are:

* Not to use Lincoln University computing facilities to access, store, distribute, display, print or produce material that is, or likely to be, obscene, objectionable or offensive
* Not to use Lincoln University computing facilities to harass any other person
* Not use Lincoln University computing facilities to create or propagate a virus, worm or any other form of malicious software
* Not to violate Copyright - e.g. downloading commercial software and MP3 files
* Lincoln University makes no guarantees of security, confidentiality or reliability of Internet services
* Tthere are circumstances where the content and quantity of traffic can be monitored.

Please note:

Abuse of this kiosk and the facilities provided or non-compliance with the internet access policy can put your the your Lincoln University network access at risk. Whilst there is no cost to use these kiosks, please be aware that we do record details of who logs in and what sites are visited.

Need help?

If there is a problem with this computer - please contact Lincoln IT Help ( on extension 30100 during normal business hours. You may also contact the Lincoln University Students' Association desk for kiosks located in LUSA.